CM Dr. Singh will be on a three-day visit to the state-wide adamant yesterday under development journey 18 September Bilaspur and Sarguja division. Dr. Singh will visit 18 September Bilaspur, Raigarh and Korba September 19 Korean districts, Balrampur-Ramanujganj and Surajpur districts and sarguja September 20, Jashpur and Mungeli district.
Dr. Singh scheduled according to last September 18 the capital Raipur off by morning 10:50 hrs helicopter through tehsil headquarters quota of 11.30 Bilaspur district, around 1.15 pm, tehsil of Raigad district headquarters will address Amsbaon of Dharamjaygarh. They will grams Rni the afternoon 3.15 pm will leave by helicopter from Dharamjaygarh 4pm Korea (Baikunthpur) district. Dr. Singh will attend a welcome meeting in the evening in the development juggernaut after the reception in Rni 4:40 pm g Patna, evening 5:05 pm Village Mahora and evening 5:35 pm Baikunthpur. They followed at 6.15 pm will Chharchha as Korea district and there will be night halt after the general meeting.
Dr. Singh next day will dawn will leave by 10:50 pm the helicopter after the press conference at 10 am Chharchha village Madanpur (Rampur 11.30 Korba district) on September 19 and the afternoon by helicopter after the General Assembly reach Ramanujganj 1.15 pm Balrampur district . Dr. Singh will address the General Assembly came Pratappur the Surajpur district at 3.30 pm the helicopter after the general meeting there. They Silfili evening 4:40 pm D chariot Pratappur, evening 5:10 pm Village Telikchhar, 5.40 p.m. welcome events in Visrampur and at 6.10 pm a recovery Village will contain. Dr. Singh will meet students Laivlihud college in a recovery. CM 6.50 pm growth will Surajpur district headquarters in the chariot and there will be the meeting point after the launch of the newly Collectorate building. Chief the next day September 20 in the morning at 10.30 am press conference after being rushed by helicopter at 11.30 am Surguja district, tehsil headquarters Sitapur Surajpur afternoon Ptthlganv pm Tehsil Jashpur district headquarters pm 3:40 pm Amsbaon came Mungeli tehsil headquarters of the district Loramie been addressed. Dr. Singh will return 5.15 pm Raipur Loramie.