The team is coming from Delhi for the cleanliness survey. After ODF plus-plus, the team has now knocked for public feedback. Explain that the cleanliness survey has started. ODF Plus-Plus team in Durg district has returned after inspecting Bhilai, Risali, Charoda and Durg Corporation areas including Ahiwara, Jamul, Kumhari municipality. For ODF Plus-Plus, the team inspected public toilets and observed cleanliness. Bhilai Corporation got ODF plus-plus in the cleanliness survey for the year 2019-20.

The team has come for public feedback in Bhilai Corporation Area. However, corporation officials are not confirming this. He says that the arrival of the team is not known. They can reach anytime, anywhere as per the instructions from Delhi. Arrival is not reported by the team. Health Officer Dharmendra Mishra, in charge of Municipal Corporation Bhilai said that there is no information about the arrival of the team from Delhi, but it is being heard that the team has arrived. We are also finding out.