Municipal Corporation Durg Amla today imposed a fine of 200 to 1000 rupees for spreading dirt on a total of eight people including garbage dumping sweeper, Sahu Grocery shop, Kabadi shop, Devangan Auto Service Center, Parikh Garage, Buffalo Khatal on the road today. Health officer Durgesh Gupta, Daroga Raju Sing and other employees were present during the proceedings. It is worth mentioning that the cleaning work is being done by the Corporation Commissioner Indrajit Burman by inspecting the wards. In this episode on Tuesday, the main road drains of the railway station area, shop areas located nearby were inspected. Where the garbage filth was being spread by the Sahu grocery shopkeeper near the green check, he was fined 1000 rupees. Similarly, 500-500 rupees on garbage by Green shop near Dewangan, Dewangan Auto Service Center, 200 rupees for Prakash Ghughal Garj, 200 Kavita Soni Buffalo Khatal in Mohan Nagar ward, Ram Dairy 200 rupees 1000 for District Cooperative Society Rupees and corporation sweeper was fined 200 rupees.