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The High School Examination 2023 was organized today on Saturday by Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education, Raipur. In Bemetara district, the examination of class 10th subject English was completed peacefully. The examination was conducted in a total of 76 centers in the district. There are total 12924 students registered in class 10th. Out of 12801 registered today, 12491 entered and 310 remained absent. A thorough inspection of the examination center was done by the inspection team constituted by the district administration Bemetara. Mr. Arvind Mishra District Education Officer Bemetara inspected the examination center boys school Bemetara, SEJS Shivlal Rathi Bemetara. Examination Center Boys School Bemetara, Girls School Bemetara, Jewra, Kathiyaranka were inspected by NK Sahu Labor Officer Bemetara. Examination center Berla, Bargaon, Bhimbhauri, SEZ Berla, Mohbhatta, Sodh were inspected by Smt. Archana Thakur Mineral Officer Bemetara. Mr. Viplav Ghritalhare S.DO P.H.E. Examination center SEJS Thankhamhariya, Kanya Shala Thankhamhariya, San.Shim.M.Thankhamhariya, Banranka, Chilfi, Thelka were inspected. Dr. Pushparaj Veterinary Department inspected the examination centers of Boys School Dadhi, Girls School Dadhi, Chirha, Khandsara, Sejs Bemetara. Mr. M.D. Dadesna Deputy Director Agriculture inspected examination centers Khamhi, Andhiarkhor, Nandal, Jhal. Mr. Bhavesh Singh inspected the examination centers of Balak Devkar, Kanya Devkar, Bortara, Rajmohgaon Gadadih, Kogiakala. Naib Tehsildar Bemetara Satrupa Sahu inspected examination center Khamhi, Balak Dadhi, Kanya Dadhi, Khandsara. Mr. Ravindra Kurre inspected Godgiri, Gudheli, Bhibhori, Mr. Pradeep Tiwari Naib Tehsildar Saja inspected Odia, Karesara, Khati. Teams of Berla/Saja/Nawagarh/Thankhamharia and Block Education Officer inspected examination centres. According to the information received from the Heads of the Centres, there was no case of copying.