Cisco Nipun Net - Future-Proof your business with the next-gen use cases

Cisco and Nipun Net have joined hands and created a first of its kind Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Hyderabad. The CoE is intended to deliver the best experience of Cisco’s top cases to the customers. It is created to depict a variety of innovational use cases across Cisco’s next-gen wireless portfolio.

Nipun Net continues to innovate and deliver powerful solutions

NipunNet understands that companies need to focus on their core business competencies, while worrying less about their IT Infrastructure and the costs involved in its implementation. They offerend-to-end IT infrastructure in the form of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that helps companies focus more on their business and progress.

Nipuncaters to ever-increasing demand of quality network communications products and solutions in India. They offer the best technology for connectivity and also provide real-time data, voice and video communications solutions. Nipun recently won the Partner Innovation Challenge in India and has developed a platform named nViewhaving several unique use cases including COVID-19 management solutions.

Moving towards real-time safety and security

For every organization, safety and security of its employees, staff and visitors is the utmost priority. However, over years we have experienced many industrial accidents that have cost many lives. Also, the respective organizations have incurred huge losses, even to the extent of complete shutdown which further impacted the lives of many happy families and communities in that region. Every such incident reminds us the importance of an end-to-end integration of all the systems like IoT sensors, people tracking applications, collaboration platforms, surveillance systems and other support systems to address emergency situations in real-time.

Unlock the full value of Nipun Net’s homegrown platform –nView

nView is location-based platform and automation workflow engine. It receives information from multiple applications and configures dynamic policies based on industry requirement.

nView integrates with Cisco DNA Spaces (People Tracking), CKC platform, (IoT Sensor monitoring), Cisco WebEx platform (Collaboration in real time) and Meraki cameras (Surveillance) to help customers to monitor situation in real-time and reduce accident probability.

This platform would also help organizations to cope up with challenges posed by pandemics like Covid-19 with real-time monitoring of physical distance at workplace, contact tracing, temperature monitoring, sanitization compliance and face mask compliance.

Key use cases showcased in the CoE

Nipun Net’s home grown platform named nView
Next-generation Wireless Use Cases
Asset Tracking
Hot Desk Management
Meraki Use Cases  
Code Red Evacuation

In case of any emergency situation, real-time alertswill help to track, notify people and collaborate easily to make quick decisions and evacuate people from incident location. At times of emergency, Code Red will be automatically initiated and alerts all supporting systems (fire, ambulance, security, and operations) in real-time.

The use case will enable to:

Get real-time emergency alerts for quick evacuation
Enter a safe zone quickly with real-time code red alerts
Measure the impact of at-location events and get alerts during emergencies
Key Benefits of the Use Cases

Integrates end-to-end safety and security monitoring systems/applications like IoT, people tracking, collaboration, surveillance systems and integrates with communities around the organization.
Monitors employee productivity in real time and initiates necessary actions.
Monitors multi-vendor sensor data – Sensor health in single dashboard on real time and raises alarms (via SMS, email, voice messages, Cisco Teams messaging) proactively in case of any sensor failure or network outages.
Automatically initiates communication among key stake holders in emergency situations.
Provides real-time view of people status in emergency evacuation situation based on the data received from RFID and camera.
Monitors and alarms individuals in case of non-compliance to key health guidelines like maintaining physical distance, wearing face mask, sanitizing hands regularly and monitors body temperature automatically.
Wide use of the use cases across different verticals

Stringent safety norms and post event hefty penalties from local governments is forcing organizations to implement a fool proof solution to reduce economic catastrophe. Ever increasing competition and price war is adding pressure on organizations to have high production time and zero downtime.
Organizations need to take proactive measures to increase workplace safety, reduce any possible accidents and to handle any pandemic situations which can impact productivity. The solutions offered can be used across multiple verticals like manufacturing, healthcare, retail, mining, ports/airports, IT/ITES and hospitality.
The Road Ahead

To integrate many more industrial sensors from various vendors and enhance the further use cases.
Enhance the products with a specific vertical launch to bring more relevance to our customer’s requirement.
To establish Command Control Centre and offer Safety and Security as managed services to customers.
Collaborate with various players in industry automation segment and build an end-to-end story, adding more value to customers.
In summary, the use cases play key role in improving workplace safety and maintaining harmony across employees, their respective families and most importantly the communities around the organization.

Disclaimer: This content is distributed by Cisco. No TNIE Group journalist is involved in the creation of this content.