Christopher Nolan asked me not to watch the original Justice League film: Zack Snyder

By Express News Service
Zack Snyder has said that it was his wife Debbie Snyder and Tenet-director Christopher Nolan, who insisted that the director should not watch Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

After launching DCEU with his critically acclaimed Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Snyder left Justice League during post-production due to a family tragedy in 2017.

The studio roped in Avengers-director Joss Whedon to do the post-production and oversee the reshoots.

The abysmal theatrical performance of the movie was followed by DC Extended Universe (DCEU) fans petitioning the studio to release the original cut of the film from Snyder.

After years of such requests, Warner Bros finally made the Snyder cut happen and the film premiered last Thursday globally on BookMyShow Stream and HBO Max.

In an exclusive interview with Esquire, Snyder said, “The truth is, I was unclear with the specifics of what had happened to the movie. Now I’ve told that story about Chris [Nolan] and Debbie [Snyder] watching it and coming back to tell me not to watch it, ever.”

He added that the film’s run-time itself was a cause of concern. Zack Snyder’s Justice League has a massive run-time of four hours, as opposed to the two-hour cut of Whedon’s.

“I didn’t get into the specifics of what we felt like had been changed or was altered. But I did know the movie was two hours. And I knew with credits meant that it was like an hour and 50 minutes, because with these visual effects, movies have massive credits. I was like, geez, that’s got to be problematic. How could they have serviced all these characters correctly? And it turns out that they didn’t,” he said.

In the interview, he further stated that out of all the spin-off films that were planned initially, he wanted to make a Cyborg film and an Atom film two characters which were supposed to be introduced in his version of the Justice League.

Snyder even goes on to speak about his vision of DCEU’s future, the stories of the originally planned films, and about whether he sees a possibility of the Snyderverse continuing in the DCEU.