Christoph Waltz to essay filmmaker Billy Wilder

By Express News Service

Oscar-winning actor Christoph Waltz will be playing celebrated Hollywood filmmaker Billy Wilder in the upcoming film, Billy Wilder and Me. The film will be based on the 2020 novel by Jonathan Coe, Mr Wilder and Me.

Christopher Hampton will be adapting the film for the screen while Stephen Frears is set to direct. Billy Wilder and Me marks the third collaboration between the filmmaker and the Oscar-winning writer after Dangerous Liaisons and Cheri. Set in 1977 when Wilder was filming Fedora, the film follows a young woman who starts working with the filmmaker and his screenwriter Iz Diamond.

The film is expected to enter production in 2023, with filming set to take place in Greece, Paris and Munich. Other details such as the cast and crew are expected to be announced shortly.