Tensions between India and China have reached their peak – the armies of both countries stand face-to-face along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) – China has increased the number of troops on the LAC – China continues to provoke against India Is preparing for – there is a meeting between the Foreign Ministers of India and China today in Moscow – It is being watched by everyone – China has recently deployed about 50 thousand soldiers on LAC – It has continued maneuvers Is also doing

According to the Indian security forces, even though China has increased the deployment of LAC troops, its position is not yet looking like ready for war – according to an Indian Army official, if China also tried for war, it would have to suffer heavy losses. Will – China is constantly trying to infiltrate the Indian border – Recently, on 29-30 August, China once again tried to enter the Indian border – China wants to capture the peak of some high areas. But Indian commanders have complete freedom to act at their level-

Indian troops deployed at high altitude are equipped with the best weapons and are fully prepared – India has also deployed tanks near Rechin La area – recently India has successfully tested anti ship hypersonic missiles – it has launched China The problem is further increased – China is constantly increasing its naval strength – China will soon have three aircraft carriers – in addition to that China has a large fleet of destroyers, freegates and modern submarines – not only China is building a huge naval base in Gwadar of Pakistan-