Little Tanvi, Jyoti and Abdul are small children, but they have won the battle. Their fight was with malnutrition. There is also an increasing urge to eliminate malnutrition from the root of people working continuously to defeat malnutrition. The laughing faces of these children who came out of malnutrition fill their hearts with their families as well as those who have decided to make Chhattisgarh free of malnutrition. Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel was the first among them who started the Chief Minister’s Nutrition Campaign in the state from October 2, 2019, with a resolve of malnutrition-free Chhattisgarh. The dream that Chief Minister Mr. Baghel had dreamed of when he started the campaign is fast becoming a reality.
Steps of children and women in the state are continuously moving towards defeating malnutrition. Efforts are being made to bring physically weak and malnourished children into normal category. Through coordinated efforts, more than 3 thousand children of remote tribal area Sukma district have been brought out from the vicious cycle of malnutrition. The ‘Samvata Sukma’ program is being operated in the district, which is continuously reducing the malnutrition rate. The weight of 4-year-old girl Tanvi was 6.6 kg in September, which has increased to 8.89 kg in January. Similarly, Abdul’s weight has also increased from 9.92 kg to 10.5 kg. Balika Jyoti has also defeated malnutrition by taking advantage of a well-fed diet and reducing her weight from 7.91 kg to 9.8 kg in just three months. Through the Anganwadi workers, assistants and mittanins, malnourished children under the age of 06 years are being provided nutritious diet in Anganwadi centers which help children gain weight as well as get other nutrients. Along with this, the severely malnourished children are admitted to the Nutrition Rehabilitation Center and are given necessary treatment, nutritious diet as well as medicines under the constant supervision of the doctors so that the health of the children can improve quickly.