Chief Minister's meeting in Kunkuri Vidhan Sabha: Many problems of the people were resolved on the spot

During his meeting with the Chief Minister today, he reached Patratoli of Duldula development block located in Kunkuri assembly constituency of Jashpur district among the general public. He greeted the crowd by saying ‘Johar’. Accepting the demands of the general public, he gifted many development works to the area. The Chief Minister approved Rs.76 lakh for the renovation of Devgudis at 29 places in Duldula block. Along with this, he announced to install solar high mask light in the elephant affected area of ​​development block Duldala. The Chief Minister also announced Bus Stand, Girls and Boys Hostel at Duldula. Along with this, on the demand of the general public, it was said that Higher Secondary Hindi Medium classes of 11th 12th would be conducted here. He instructed to plant fruit bearing and shade trees in the forests. Announced construction of road and bridge from Kendapani to Patiyapali and road and culvert from Devadol to Sharda Dham. He said that 51 km of road would be built in the region at a cost of Rs 70 crore. (Junior Engineer) office. He said that Gondwana Bhawan would be constructed in village Patratoli and bar-room would be constructed for advocates in Duldula. He also gave approval for construction of culvert from Duldula to Sirinmkela road and construction of culvert at Bandhanala on Dobha to Dandpani approach road and construction of culvert from Simra to Bichitangar approach road. Selfie taken with youth The Chief Minister started a conversation with the people intimately and told that I am tasting the food of different places of Chhattisgarh. Ate Pehta in Balrampur. There was a competition among the youth to take selfie with the Chief Minister. The youth kept coming forward and taking selfies. Seeing his enthusiasm, the Chief Minister himself took a selfie with his mobile. On the demand of the girl student Palak Gupta, the Chief Minister gave instructions to conduct an educational tour. demanded. At the same time, Palak Gupta, a student of Atmanand School, expressed her desire to go on an educational tour in Raipur to see the preparation for examinations like IIT. On this, the Chief Minister immediately accepted Palak’s point and instructed the officials to conduct educational tour. Rama, who is suffering from cancer, will have better treatment. Rama Tamrakar, who is suffering from cancer, told that his treatment is going on in Delhi. They need help for treatment. On this, the Chief Minister said that he would be treated under the Chief Minister’s Special Health Assistance Scheme. The Chief Minister asked to prepare an estimate and submit it. With this, treatment will be done up to Rs 20 lakh. On this, Rama expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister and thanked him. Sunflower Women’s Self Help Group Duldula presented a basket of cashew nuts to the Chief Minister. The head of the women’s group, Jhimni Bai, told that she runs a cashew processing center, from which her group is earning 60 thousand rupees per month. There are 10 members in the group. They sell cashews in C Mart, TRIFED and Raipur hotels. The Chief Minister said that the members of Yuva Mitan Club should help people in getting the benefits of the schemes. Sulochani Chauhan, a member of Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club, told that they join the club for social, literary I am involved in activities. He has got the first installment. They also encourage sports. The Chief Minister said that the members of the club should get the benefit of government schemes to the eligible people and tell people about the schemes. Farmer Bhagwat Ram got a loan of 40 thousand rupees forgiven. Taking information about the ration card, asked whether all the people were getting rice or not. People said yes in one voice while talking about getting ration and told that wheat and gram are also being available. Farmer Bhagwat Ram told that he has got 35 thousand from the justice scheme. His loan of Rs 40,000 has been waived. The Chief Minister informed that the second installment of Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana will be received on August 20. This year the support price will be Rs 2640. Ganga Maiyya Mahila Self-Help Group earned one lakh 40 thousand rupees in a year, while talking to the Chief Minister, Mrs. Reena Sai Dewan, a member of Ganga Maiyya Mahila Self-Help Group, Korna, said that she does vermi compost, poultry, goat rearing in Korna Gauthan. A mini rice mill is also running. This is from the Department of Agriculture. In the rice mill, she does the work of rice milling, flour milling, porridge etc. He said that 41 thousand rupees were purchased from cow dung and 87 quintals of vermi manure were made. He has earned an income of Rs.11 thousand by selling 5000 kg of cow dung. He earned one lakh 40 thousand rupees in a year. He did household chores with this money. Thanking the Chief Minister, Mrs. Reena said that you have made a very good plan. Now the production which is being produced in our village has to be sold in C-Mart by value addition. Now the fees of Ramji Yadav’s children have been saved by studying in Atmanand School. The Chief Minister asked the people whose children study in Swami Atmanand School. In response, Shri Ramji Yadav told that both his children study in Swami Atmanand School. Earlier, private school used to charge 1500 rupees, which is now being saved. He said that the children studying in Swami Atmanand School are very happy. Every week people are being treated by Haat Bazar Yojana, Mr. Sonkar Ram told that they have got forest rights lease, in which they cultivate in one and a half acres. Similarly, people told about setting up of clinics every Monday under Haat Bazar scheme and said that 40-50 people are treated in the clinic. The student of Swami Atmanand English Medium School presented his photo to the Chief Minister.Chief Minister Swami Atmanand English Medium School also Arrive. Here he inspected the school and took stock of the arrangements. Kumari Ananya Gupta, a class 7th student of the school, presented her photograph to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister had an intimate discussion with the children and taught them to study well. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading