Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has paid tribute to Thakur Pyarelal Singh, the founder of the labor movement and the founder of Cooperation in Chhattisgarh on 20 October. Recalling the contribution of Thakur Pyarelal Singh, Mr. Baghel has said that he has contributed significantly to the public awakening here in Chhattisgarh with taking forward the freedom struggle. He organized the students in Chhattisgarh and turned to the national movement. They fought for the rights of mill workers in Rajnandgaon and got their rights. He was also active towards freeing people from exploitation and oppression. Under his leadership, weavers organized in Chhattisgarh and Chhattisgarh Banukar Union was established. Mr. Baghel said that the thoughts of such serviceable Matiputra Thakur Pyarelal Ji will always inspire us.