Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel visited Gauthan of village Gamhariya in Jashpur district today. They saw employment oriented activities of women self-help groups there. After discussing with the women, they got information about their work and encouraged them. Mr. Baghel purchased cow dung under Gowdhan justice scheme and inquired about arrangements for construction of vermi compost. He suggested the use of vegetables produced by women’s groups in the mid-day meal program in schools and hostels in Gauthan. The Chief Minister also purchased Adusa powder and soap manufactured by women’s groups and also saw them running para-cutting machines kept in Gauthan. The women also showed various materials prepared by the group including donna-pattal. Sandal making by Chandni Mahila Self-Help Group under Sooraji Gram Yojana, Soap Making by Ekta Self-Help Group, Dona-Pattal by Ratrani Self-Help Group and Vermi Compost by Om Nari Self-Help Group under Gumharia Gauthan is. The Chief Minister also planted a mango plant in Gothan. Scaffolding for cattle is made in Gauthan and para is laid. A biogas plant has also been set up in Gothan. On this occasion, Minister in-charge of Food and District Shri Amarjit Bhagat, Parliamentary Secretary MLA Mr. Chintamani Maharaj, Jashpur MLA Mr. Vinay Bhagat were also present.