Bhupesh Baghel inspected Gothan in Auraikala today during his two-day stay in Janjgir-Champa district. Mr. Baghel discussed with the villagers, women of self-help groups in Gothan and inquired about the economic activities conducted by them and gave necessary instructions to the officials to help them in their livelihood operations. On this occasion, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Dr. Charandas Mahant, Health Minister and in-charge Minister of Janjgir-Champa district, Shri T.S. Public representatives were also present including Singhdev, School Education Minister Dr. Premasai Singh Tekam.

Arriving in Gauthan, worshiped Gau Mata. He inquired about various activities of Gauthan including Vermi tank, Vermi compost ajola tank, Poultry shed, Mushroom shed in Gauthan. The Chief Minister also ran fodder cuttings by running a fodder cutter machine in Gothan. The Chief Minister discussed about products manufactured by women of Bihan Group, vegetable production, food products and other products and their marketing. During the discussion, he encouraged the villagers, including the women of the group, to organize their livelihood in Gauthan. The villagers and local public representatives gave him a warm welcome when he reached Gowthan.
It is worth noting that Auraikala Adarsh ​​Gauthan of Baloda block has been properly developed under Suraji village scheme. 436 meters CPT, 03 nos. Water tank, kotna & shed, poultry shed and mushroom shed, anjola tank, vermi compost tank have been constructed in Gauthan complex. Seven women self-help groups have got the means of livelihood from this Gothan. Varmi compost, vegetable production, mushroom, munga, papaya production, fish and poultry farming are being done by the groups. A system of water pumps for irrigation and dung gas plant has also been established by CREDA. The self-help group making fertilizer has earned more than Rs 37 thousand. The same groups engaged in vegetable production have sold vegetables worth more than Rs 10,000.