Bhupesh Baghel handed over 152 different development works worth Rs 398.11 crore to the villagers in a program organized at the mini stadium of the district headquarters during his stay in Raigad district today. This includes the inauguration of 46 works constructed at a cost of Rs 117.75 crore and bhumi pujan of 106 works costing Rs 280.36 crore. On this occasion, Chief Minister Baghel distributed materials worth Rs 5.90 crore to the beneficiaries under various schemes. On this occasion, Agriculture Minister and Minister in-charge of Raigad district, Ravindra Choubey, Higher Education Minister Umesh Patel, MLA Raigad Prakash Naik, MLA Dharamjaygarh Laljit Singh Rathia, MLA Sarangarh North Ganpat Jangde, MLA Lelunga Chakradhar Singh Sidar and many public representatives including general public Citizens were present.

Among the works inaugurated in the program, 5 works worth Rs. 22 crore 40 lakh newly constructed by Public Works Department bridge construction division Raigad, 7 crore 93 lakh costing water supply scheme constructed by Public Health Engineering Block Raigad, made by Public Works Department Raigarh One road construction work costing Rs 11 crore 32 lakh, two works costing Rs 15 crore 32 lakh for construction by Public Works Department Raigarh, 7 works costing Rs 38 crore 36 lakh, Panchayat and 7 works done by Chhattisgarh Housing Board Raigarh 13 works costing Rs 3 crore 23 lakh completed under Rural Development Department, Bhimsen to Bhakurra Forest Road construction cost Rs 45 lakh by Forest Department, 3 works cost 1.05 crore of Education Department National Secondary Education Mission Raigad, Farmers Consumer Market Sub-Division Chikhali cost Rs 78 lakh, under Municipal Corporation Raigarh 4 work cost Rs 2 crore 75 lakh, 4 works of Health and Family Welfare Department Rs 10 crore 2 lakh 83 thousand, 2 works of District Urban Development Agency Raigad T 2 crore, a work cost of 95 lakh rupees of the District Commandant Homeguard and a fertilizer quality control laboratory building constructed by the Agriculture Department at Boiredar Raigad at a cost of Rs 01 crore.

Among the works done in the Chief Minister’s program, 6 works cost 40 crore 53 lakh rupees under Public Works Department bridge construction division Raigad, Panchayat and Rural Development Department (Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana) 11 of project implementation unit number 01, work cost 91 crore 36 Lakhs and 11 work cost of Rs.67 crore 90 lakhs of Project Implementation Unit No. 02, 5 work cost of Rs. 7 crore 23 lakhs for Panchayat and Rural Development Department (Chief Minister’s Village Roads and Development Scheme), 4 road works cost of Public Works Department Raigarh 16 crore 78 lakh rupees and 5 works cost of Public Works Department Raigarh 6 crore 83 lakh rupees, 5 works cost of Water Resources Division Dharamjayagarh 10 crore 2 lakh rupees, 6 work cost of Panchayat and Rural Development Department 1 crore 18 lakhs, 4 works costing Rs 94 lakhs for Forest Department Raigad, 25 works costing Rs 8 crore 86 lakhs of Dharamjaigarh forest division, 2 works costing Rs 2 crore 42 lakhs for Education Department Raigad, Farmers Consumer Markets Submandi premises Chikhali development works costing Rs 78 lakhs, Nagar Palik Nigam Roy 5 work cost of Rs 2 crore 41 lakh of the citadel, 5 work cost of Rs 2 crore 33 lakh in the Department of Health and Family Welfare, 9 work cost of Rs 15 crore 30 lakh in the Primitive Caste and Scheduled Caste Development Department, Raigad The cost of construction of additional rooms in the college Kharsia and the cost of building the college building in Raigad is Rs 5 crore 48 lakhs.