Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has given strict instructions to the officials of the Electricity Distribution Company not to issue a lump sum electricity bill to consumers on the stored electricity consumption. In this regard, in some areas of the state, especially in the villages of Vananchal, where consumers could not get meter reading, a complaint was received about the issue of lump sum electricity bill on stored consumption through spot billing. Taking this complaint seriously, the Chief Minister has directed the officials of the power distribution company to take corrective action immediately. The Chief Minister has clearly directed that no electricity consumption should be billed to any consumer. While issuing the electricity bill, the consumer must be given the benefit of slab exemption and the facility to pay the amount of the actual electricity bill in installments. 

 It is worth mentioning that Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel had received a complaint regarding meter reading spot billing in some villages of Narayanpur district like Dholgaon, Bijli Palki, Bakulwahi Sulanga, Sagnitrai Kerala, Palia, Guria, Karlak, Mahaka and Devgaon. Confusion has been created among the villagers by looking at a lump sum amount of Rs. When the Chief Minister summoned a response from the officials of the Electricity Distribution Company in connection with this complaint, it was discovered that meter reading spot billing was done in the said village for the first time. Since the bill appears on the spot in spot billing, this situation has been created. The Department is in the process of revising the spot billing. The benefit of slab exemption and payment of bills in installments will also be provided to rural consumers. The villagers of the said villages will be issued revised bills.