Chief Minister congratulated the people of the state on Chhattisgarhi Official Language Day

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel has greeted the people of the state on the occasion of Chhattisgarhi Official Language Day on November 28. He has said in his congratulatory message that “Chhattisgarhi Bhakha Hamar Purkhauti Aaye, Yeh Har Hamar Abhiman Hai. Since the formation of the new government, the same pride of Chhattisgarh should be preserved and increased, we are working. Watch the Chhattisgarhi Bhakha La Haman with self pride, then look at that aaghu badhi”. Shri Baghel has said that Chhattisgarhi language is contemporary of Hindi, Awadhi and Brij language. With the promotion of Teej-festivals and traditional rites by the state government, the importance of Chhattisgarhi language has increased further due to introduction of the invaluable heritage of Purkhauti to the new generation. People who were hesitant to speak in Chhattisgarhi also now speak in Chhattisgarhi proudly. The Chief Minister said that we have to take the development of Chhattisgarhi language forward, for this there is a need to make Chhattisgarhi the language of literature creation and publicity along with daily colloquialism. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading