NEW DELHI: Pointing at several vacant posts of high court judges and tribunal chairpersons, senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Saturday alleged the government is not able to fill these vacancies as it is looking for people who sympathise with its “retrograde” philosophy and ideology.

“Out of 1,080 sanctioned posts of HC judges, 416 are vacant. There is a huge number of vacancies in Tribunals. Posts of Chairperson of several Tribunals are vacant! They include DRT, NCLAT, TDSAT etc ” the former Union minister said.

He questioned why the Modi government which is ensconced in office for seven years is not able or willing to fill these vacancies.

Chidambaram asserted that the country is not short of lawyers and judges qualified to fill these posts.

“The REAL reason is the government is looking for persons who will sympathise with its retrograde philosophy and ideology,” he said in a series of tweets.