Bhupesh Baghel has instructed all the District Collectors and Forest Department officials to create branding and a strong distribution network of the products being produced from processing of forest produce, horticulture and agricultural crops in rural areas of the state. He has said that a strong system of marketing of these products at the state and national level should be made as a brand.
In the instructions issued to the Chief Minister, the Chief Minister has said that the work of processing of several forest produce, harticulture and agricultural products is being done in different districts of the state. During the tour in the districts, it has been learned that production and processing of various items are taking place at the district level, but due to lack of branding and distribution network, the villagers are not getting the proper benefits of these efforts. To ensure maximum benefit of collection and processing of raw materials to the tribal and rural brothers of the state, it is necessary that the work of branding and distribution of the useful products produced in different districts is being conducted by the Small Forest Produce Association. Be done with the help of
The Chief Minister has also said in the instructions that if the “production center” of various materials produced in different districts is converted into “Van Dhan Kendra”, the Central Government will provide financial assistance of Rs. 15 lakhs per center. Will be received immediately from Mr. Baghel has also instructed officers to take necessary action for this. He has instructed all collectors and concerned officers of the forest department to make strong arrangements for marketing at the state and national level as a brand of all items produced in the rural areas of the state.