The Chhattisgarh State Power Transmission Company has been successful in completing the 132/33 KV Salka sub-station. In the Corona period, electrical personnel have shown duty in the face of adverse conditions. The benefit of the giant sub-center will be provided to 135 villages in the restive tribal region. The total cost of the newly constructed sub-station is 22.4 crores. Managing Director of transmission company Ashok Kumar said that strengthening of transmission system to supply cheap power available in the state to remote rural and forest areas is going on at war level.
MD Kumar informed that a 40 MVA capacity transformer has been energized in the Sub-station High Pressure Sub-station. Demands of this sub-center have been taking villagers of Salka, Udaipur, Ambikapur, Lakhanpur, Khamharia, Parsa, Dandgaon, Mohanpur, Hanumangarh, Kedma, Khumdeva, Gumga, Latouri, Kunni, KT, Sayar for a long time. Due to the sub-center becoming operational, there will be less time for improvement in these areas if there is any breakdown. Along with this, agriculture industry of 135 villages will be developed. The biggest advantage of this sub-station will also be that now the railway station of Parsa Coal Mines will be able to supply power through the minimum distance power line. If required, electricity will also be supplied to Ambikapur from Salaka sub-center (Udaipur). With this sub-center, six 33/11 KVs of Udaipur and Lakhanpur distribution centers of Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company. There will be regular and quality power supply to its sub-stations.