There is a continuous monitoring of the Chhattisgarh State Election Commission on security and law and order in the fair, transparent and fearless urban body general elections 2021. Election Commissioner Thakur Ram Singh is in constant talks with the Collector and SP of the respective districts in this regard. He said that for fair, peaceful, transparent and fearless elections, instructions have also been issued by the commission to pay attention to the smallest complaints. Control rooms have been set up in all the districts and in the commission so that the general public can express their grievances and complaints boldly. The State Election Commissioner said that information has been received from the nodal officer appointed in the police department for urban elections that 40 executive magistrates have been appointed. Huh. Apart from this, a sufficient number of flying squads have also been formed. He said that 3689 weapons have been deposited. Under the Excise Act, 210.576 liters of liquor has been confiscated after taking action in 340 cases. Under the Transport Act, a summon fee of Rs 5 lakh 8100 has been imposed in 1867 cases. He informed that so far, preventive action and 418 non-bailable warrants have been served on 1793 people. He informed that 3 actions have been taken under Section 107/116 of CrPC, 1491 under Section 109/110 of CrPC, 173 under Section 151 of CrPC and 3 under Section 121/22 of CrPC. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading