Public hearing on cases related to female harassment was held in Bilaspur on Thursday by Dr. Smriti Kiranmayi Nayak, Chairperson of Chhattisgarh State Commission for Women. In the first day of the two-day hearing, 20 cases were kept in which 7 cases were resolved on the spot. Dr. Smriti Nayak advised women to refrain from presenting false cases. He said that they do not get the benefit of misusing the laws.
The hearings held in Prayer Sabha Bhawan mainly involved hearing of cases related to assault, mental harassment, harassment at workplace, dowry harassment, torture and physical torture. An applicant, a resident of Bilaspur, had complained before the Commission against her mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law is threatening her husband as well as her maternal grandfather. Because he married his choice. Anawadek woman’s father-in-law, appearing in the hearing, told that he had evicted his son from the property in the year 2013 itself. Nevertheless, both the husband and wife enter their house and collect the rights. The chairman of the commission heard the matter seriously and, taking a decision on it, directed to disband the case. Because in this case an attempt was made to relate to false complaint and pressure.
An applicant, a resident of Takhatpur, had stated in her complaint that the tomb was forcibly occupied near her house, which her husband quarreled against for protesting. The report was not written in Takhatpur police station in this regard. Therefore, their life and property should be protected. On the instructions of Chairman Dr. Smriti Nayak, a letter was sent to the Waqf Board on behalf of the Commission for a social settlement between the two sides and the Secretary of the Waqf Board has been asked to submit the report within three months after investigating the whole matter. . Similarly, in another case, Aapika pleaded before the Commission that her husband harassed her mentally and physically.