The entire Chhattisgarh ran today with Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel took part in a virtual marathon held in Chhattisgarh this morning to mark the completion of two years of the new government. He raced wearing a T-shirt and uploaded his photos on social media.

Chhattisgarh, along with Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, participated in this marathon today. In all parts of the state, people of every class and age played their part in it.

After joining the virtual marathon, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said that with me the people of Chhattisgarh and the self-respect of Chhattisgarh are running, you also run.

Food representatives of the State Government, Mr. Amarjeet Bhagat, School Education Minister Dr. Premasay Singh Tekam, Forest Minister Mr. Mohammad Akbar, Women and Child Development Mrs. Anila Wolf, Excise Minister Mr. Kavasi Lakhma and other public representatives also participated in the virtual marathon.

In the capital Raipur, Chief Secretary Shri Amitabh Jain and Director General of Police Shri DM Awasthi, Additional Chief Secretary Shri Subrata Sahu, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Shri Rakesh Chaturvedi and a large number of public representatives, dignitaries and administrative officers attended it.

This virtual marathon race was organized for the first time in Chhattisgarh by the Sports and Youth Welfare Department and Public Relations Department of the state government. Virtual Marathon – Thousands of people participated in ‘Run with Chhattisgarh’ on the theme of “Chhat ha Abhiman’s Chhattisgarh”. Over 70 thousand people have registered for the marathon. People from all parts of Chhattisgarh participated in it. Children, youth and elderly all ran with great enthusiasm.

The most notable thing about this virtual marathon is that the people of the country participated in it following the rules of Kovid-19. Without crowding anywhere, people have been following social distancing in their homes, gardens, grounds, roads and other places and are uploading videos or photos of some seconds on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag # runwithchhattisgarh.