The diabetic and asthmatic patients, children and pregnant women along with those facing neurological diseases, if have symptoms of cold and cough, fever, sneezing, pain in neck, redness in eyes, problem in breathing should immediately contact the nearest government hospital, the health department said in an advisory on Sunday.

The advisory was issued after a patient of Bhilai steel city died of swine flu while two are reported to be undergoing treatment in state.

Health Commissioner R Prasanna stated, “If anyone has flu symptoms, they should remain in house. They should avoid public places like school, office or market.”

Director, Communicable diseases, Dr R R Sahni said, “After coming from outside, one should not touch the eyes, face and nose without washing hands. Use handkerchief while sneezing or coughing. Regularly wash hands with soap and water. Keep away from persons having fever, cold and cough, redness in eyes and problem in breathing.”

On prevention, he said, “Those infected should keep away from public places. Regularly wash hands with soap and water. Drink more water and take good sleep. Keep the body active while keep the room windows open so that outer air enters the room.”

“Testing is done through swab which is available in all health centres upto medical college hospitals that also free of cost. Medicines are also made available in these hospitals. In case if a patient fever, cold and cough retains for more than 3-5 days should go for regular review,” says Dr Sahni.