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After the Vande Bharat train running from Bilaspur to Nagpur, another Vande Bharat train is going to meet Chhattisgarh. This train will operate between Durg to Raigarh. The decision to make Durg station as the primary point of new Vande Bharat train has been taken by South East Central Railway Bilaspur, for this the construction of additional pit line in the washing yard of Durg station has been completed. In the series of operation of high speed trains The state of Chhattisgarh is going to get the gift of another Vande Bharat Express train. South East Central Zone Bilaspur has started preparations to bring the new Vande Bharat train back on track after the signal received from the Railway Board. It is discussed that the new Vande Bharat train will run from Durg to Raigarh. In this way this train will connect two major cities in Chhattisgarh itself. Currently one Vande Bharat train is running between Bilaspur to Nagpur. This train is connecting Chhattisgarh to Maharashtra. It is being told that the primary point of the new Vande Bharat train will be made at Durg station. For this, the fourth pit line has been constructed at the washing yard of Durg station. According to the technical requirements of Vande Bharat train, OHE wire has also been drawn in the newly created pit line. While OHE wire has not been installed in the remaining three pit lines and here diesel locos are brought for rake washing of passenger trains. In view of the technical problem in separating the locos of Vande Bharat train from the rack, the OHE wire has been drawn on the newly created pit line. According to railway sources, the primary point of the proposed Vande Bharat train will be Durg station. This train will leave from Durg in the morning and reach Raigarh in the afternoon. After staying there for a few hours, the fort will return till late evening. After coming to Durg, necessary repair work including cleaning and technical checking of Vande Bharat train rakes will be done on the new pit line built at the washing yard. The railway employees who are to be given responsibility for the maintenance and repair work of the rakes of this train should be sent for separate training Continue Reading