On appeal of a decision given by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, the High Court has ordered to increase the amount of one lakh 90 thousand rupees to four lakh 9 thousand rupees. Also, the petitioner has been asked to pay the said amount within 60 days.

Hamendrau, 24-year-old son of Bhanu Bai, a resident of Balod district, died in a road accident in 2012. The deceased youth worked in the Tata Indicom company. After the son’s death, he submitted the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal case. In this case the tribunal ordered Reliance General Insurance Company to pay one lakh 90 thousand rupees.
Bhanu Bai, through her lawyer, appealed against this decision in the High Court. It was told that the payment of the claim amount to the family of the deceased should be decided according to age. The case also cites the judgment given by the Supreme Court in the case of accident insurance, in which the Supreme Court has ordered payment of insurance amount on the basis of age.