• The state government set the admission process for the academic session 2020-21
  • Admission of children of migrant laborers will also be done, admission process till August 15
  • Form to be filled free for admission in 11th, to be submitted by 31 August

In the Corona era, the Chhattisgarh government has set the admission process for schools for the academic session 2020-21. Students will be given direct entry to all classes except 11th. The admission process has to be completed by 15 August. At the same time, for admission in the 11th, students will have to fill the free form and submit it by 31 August. The special thing is that the school uniform, books, mid-day meal and other facilities will be provided to the children at the time of sitting at home.

All children pass from General Promotion, so
due to Corona transition without applying admission , General Promotion was given to all except 10th and 12th class. In such a situation, students up to 8th and 11th will themselves get admission in the next class. Students will not need to apply for this. Principals of schools will enter the name of the children in the register of the next class. The schools which are till 5th and 8th will send the names of their students to upper primary and secondary schools.

Freedom to stream at 11th level, so application is necessary
for students to take the subject at class 11th level. In such a situation, it is not possible to give direct admission after 10th. In view of this, free admission forms for admission in 11th will be available at the schools counter by 31 August and can be submitted. Students will get admission and subjects only on the basis of filling and submitting the form. During this time, schools will have to distribute the form following the guidelines of Corona.

Admission process of children of first class and migrant laborers,
Principal teachers of all primary schools of the state will make a list of children from the register of Anganwadis coming in their area. Children who have completed the age of 6 years in this list will be admitted to the first class without applying. At the same time, the list of children of migrant laborers from other states was already made in the Quarantine Center. On this basis, children will get admission in their villages. Schools will have to give this information to their families.