The power plants of Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company once again topped the power generation by beating the power plants across the country. The company’s plants exhibited 70.08 percent plant load factor (PLF). At the national level, the average PLF of thermal power plants across the country stood at 51.49 percent. For the past six months, power plants have consistently created a new record by being the first place, surpassing the 33 state power sector power plants.

Telangana State Power Generation Company was second with 68.25 percent and Singareni Koliarish Nigam Limited (SCCL) of Telangana achieved 67.59 percent PLF and came third. Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (Genco), which is among the power plants of other large developed states of the country, could achieve 46.68 percent PLF. It has to be mentioned here that from July 2020, Chhattisgarh State Power Generation Company’s power plant has been continuously ranked first.

Electrical workers have been told that in Kovid-19, the state’s power houses maintained their achievement at the national level. It is expected that in the future too, all will be united to keep the plant at the forefront. The chairman of the power company Ankit said that the main entitlement of this credit is the officers and employees working in the power company. NK Bijora, managing director of the production company, said that the power plant’s plant with the PLF of 69.83 percent in July was the first place.