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With the meaningful initiative of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, accessible health services are reaching the poor people of Chhattisgarh. The expansion of health services has been the topmost priority of the Chief Minister. This is the reason why Shri Dhanwantri Medical Stars Scheme has been launched from 20 October 2021 to provide high quality generic medicines to the people at subsidized rates. Under which generic medicines and surgical items are being made available at affordable rates to the general public of the district at a discount of at least 50 percent. Under this scheme, shops are being operated at different 5 places like Gidam, Dantewada, Kirandul, Bacheli and Barsoor under the district for regular supply of medicines. 251 generic medicines, 27 surgical products, 69 herbal products are being sold in the generic medical stores operating in the district. Which is cheap as well as full of quality. Due to this, people of all income groups are getting medicines at low cost equally. Now the lower class people are also taking medicines. Under this scheme, 21 thousand 274 beneficiaries have been benefited in the district. Quality medicines are being made available to consumers at affordable prices from Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store. Consumers are getting the benefit of minimum 50 percent discount on medicines. People are getting financial help by getting medicines at low rates from Shri Dhanwantri Medical Store, this public interest scheme started. In the era of expensive healthcare, this scheme is proving to be a boon for middle class families besides the poor. Medicines are supplied to the needy on time. Continue Reading