Under  ‘Special Central Assistance for the most LWE affected districts’  , eight districts of Chhattisgarh are included and an amount of Rs. 200 crore has been released to Chhattisgarh for these districts till now this financial year, the Central Government has informed.  

To deal with Left Wing Extremism, the Central Government has approved National Policy and Action Plan in 2015 which contain a multi-pronged approach envisaging security related interventions, developmental measures, ensuring rights and entitlements of the local communities etc. A number of significant initiatives have been taken on the developmental front in the LWE affected States, including Chhattisgarh, for road connectivity, skill development, installation of mobile towers, financial inclusion and education etc, it informed.

A new Scheme, namely ‘Special Central Assistance for the most LWE affected districts’ has been launched in 2017-18 for filling up the critical gaps in Public Infrastructure and Services with an outlay of Rs. 3000 crore @ Rs. 1000 crore per annum.

Meanwhile, the Central Government in September last year had informed that Chhattisgarh being the most affected State receives a substantial share of the resources committed by the Centre for combating Left Wing Extremism.

The success of the strategy is evident in reducing security vacuum and increasing reach of governance to interior areas, it had informed.

The Central Government assists the State Governments in every manner possible. The Government has a multi-pronged strategy in place to deal with the LWE menace. The strategy involves security related measures, developmental interventions and ensuring rights & entitlements of local communities etc.

Security related measures include assistance to LWE affected States by providing CAPF Battalions, helicopters, UAVs, construction of fortified police stations, funds for modernization of State Police forces, arms and equipment, training assistance, sharing of intelligence etc.

On development side, apart from flagship schemes of the Central Government in infrastructure, education, skill development etc, several initiatives have been taken specifically for development of LWE affected areas.

These include focussed schemes for development of roads, installation of mobile towers, skill development, improving network of banks and post offices and education facilities, particularly in the 35 worst affected districts.

Recently the Central Government had approved the Special Central Assistance Scheme which envisages an outlay of Rs 1000 crore per annum for three years for the 35 worst affected LWE districts to cover gaps in critical infrastructure and services.