The existing infrastructure and human resources will be further strengthened with proposed launch of  Chhattisgarh’s ‘Universal Healthcare Scheme’ for all citizens of the State, Health Minister TS Singhdeo said on Saturday.

Addressing media persons after his return from Thailand where he went to study that country’s ‘Universal Healthcare Model’, he said, “As per the study conducted, Thailand has three-tier system where eight per cent of the population are Government servants, 16 to 18 per cent of service sector has employers, employees and Government contributing for healthcare and for remaining percentage of population , the Government takes care of health services.”

“To fulfill such a commitment, the State Government’s plan is to cover the entire Chhattisgarh with its healthcare plan and budgetary allocation will be required for it. If it is not possible in the entire State, atleast in minimum 10 districts the arrangement will be made first,” he pointed out.

On role of private sector, he said, “It will be open for those interested but in cases, if Government feels that any one or two surgeries are to be carried out in private hospitals, then based on the rate negotiation, fund will be provided.”

“Insurance based healthcare schemes like Ayushman Bharat and others had been failure and even United States , Europe and other countries are going ahead with Universal healthcare schemes”, he said.

The Government pays the premium to insurance companies but private hospitals refuse to  treat patients. Every year insurance companies hike the premium which is a sort of misuse of public money. So, instead those funds can be used in public health system for better results,” Singhdeo said.

On his Supebeda visit, Singhdeo said, “Basic reason for kidney diseases will be probed and  villagers with kidney ailment have been asked to undergo dialysis . All their expenses of transportation, lodging and boarding will be taken care of.”