Chhattisgarh Chief Electoral Officer Subrat Sahoo will go live on Facebook and Twitter platforms, for direct interaction with the electors of the state on Thursday  at 12.00 pm.

He would be available for interaction for an hour till 1.00 pm.

Sahoo will provide details of the special brief revision of electoral roll and will reply to the queries raised by the electors.

The interested electors can link themselves with office of Chief Electoral Officer Facebook pace @CEO Chhattisgarh and Twitter handle @CEOChhattisgarh and raise queries regarding the electoral roll and other aspects.

As per directive of Election Commission of India, for upcoming Lok Sabha polls-2019, the special brief revision of electoral roll after the state assembly election 2018 is presently underway in the state. The publication of the electoral roll has been carried out on December 26, 2018.

The claims and objections regarding the electoral roll will be accepted till January 25, 2019. The claims and objections will be resolved by February 11, 2019. The data base will be updated and draft electoral roll will be published. Finally after the amendments it would be finally published on February 22.