Celebrating his 81st birthday, NCP leaders want to Sharad Pawar as prime minister one day

Express News Service

MUMBAI: NCP chief Sharad Pawar celebrated his 81 birthday on Sunday in Mumbai where his party leaders decided to work hard to make Sharad Pawar the Prime Minister of India.

NCP’s Lok Sabha MP Amol Kohle said that if the 26 Member of Parliament (MP) electing Gujarat can make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India, then why not the 48 MP electing Maharashtra to make Sharad Pawar as the PM?  He said that NCP chief Sharad Pawar has all qualities that require for the prime minister post.

“Despite the capacity of electing the largest numbers of MP in Maharashtra after Uttar Pradesh, no one became the Prime Minister from Maharashtra. We as Maharashtrians need to introspect over it,” NCP MP asked.

“Sharad Pawar is the simple man and grounded man, connected to people at the age of 81 also. Pawar saheb neither needs the Rs 5 Lakh worth suit to wear nor Rs 1000 worth mushroom to eat.  We need to work hard to make Sharad Pawar the Prime Minister of India,” said Kohle.

He added that Sharad Pawar is the ideological heir of Shahu Maharaj, the first king in India to offer reservations in pre-independent India to the oppressed class. “Like Shahu Maharaj, Sharad Pawar was the first person in India to bring the women reservations in local body elections. He also allowed entry of the women in defence services. He is a pioneer in many fields that were taboo for women.”

“Sharad Pawar tirelessly worked for the oppressed class and women. His 40 years central politics is always around with the development of agriculture, defence and empowerment of downtrodden people,” Kohle said adding that any big leader from India has always sought help from Sharad Pawar.

“Sharad Pawar’s political and administrative experience is vast. During the earthquake, erstwhile prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpai praised his work.

NCP chief Jayant Patil said that there is an ideological crisis in India. “There is an ideological fight in India and this can be won ideologically only. The students and youth should join the NCP and take the progressive thought of the NCP to every nook and corner of the country. The last man in the community should join our fight against the BJP,” Patil said.