Campaign for language and mathematical skills will be run in schools from new year

Children studying in Chhattisgarh schools will now become proficient in basic education and mathematics. The school education department has started preparations for this. A campaign will be launched by the School Education Department from the new year for special education of basic education and mathematics. In this 100-day long campaign, children up to class VIII will be made proficient. According to the information received from the Education Department, instructions have been issued to all District Education Officers, Principal Diet, District Mission Coordinator, Samagra Shiksha in this regard. The instruction suggests language and math activities for 14 weeks in the campaign. These activities are meant as suggestions. For how these points are to be taught at the local level, for this, all the districts and development blocks will prepare material related to language and mathematics Professional Learning Community (PLC) at their own level. To continue the study of Padhai innovated by working hard under Tuhar Duar. After the school opened in the second year, efforts were made to reduce the learning loss of the children. Under Padhai Tuhar Duar-2.0, various competitions were organized from cluster to district level, giving practice of reading, writing, maths, science experiments and making group projects. The judges in these competitions were selected from amongst the community and parents. This created a good atmosphere in the schools of the state, which is planned to be implemented in the future. This program is planned to be implemented at the local level by designing interesting activities by disseminating the week wise, subject wise content through Professional Learning Community (PLC). Arrangements will be made to provide school material through social media to the schools in advance at the level. While preparing the material, cooperation will be taken by connecting more and more subject teachers and peers from the communities, so that they can also be connected to it while using this material. and based on mathematical skills. Seeing this, all the local material for the block will be collected through teachers. On the basis of the discussion paper in each block, a detailed material will be collected and made available to the teachers in the schools. Regular monitoring and academic support of the programs to be organized at the fixed points every week, cluster coordinators, school cluster principals, block level officers, diet and district To be done through level officers. Work will be done with the children in these designated points in all the schools. A team will be constituted every week in some sample areas to monitor the improvement in their achievement with the children. Along with this, after studying their information in depth, they will also be demonstrated from time to time on their learned points in front of the parents and the community. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading