The construction of roads accelerates the wheel of development which is no less than a boon for the surrounding areas. The most important condition for the basic facilities of development is the facility of continuous transport. In the plains, the facility is easily available, but when it comes to the forest and hilly areas, the importance of roads increases, because the people living in the hilly areas are rocky and crooked, taking the help of the forests for transportation. – Rams move through mountains with pits, which are very painful for them. For the residents of Baiga dominated villages Bhelki and Adhchara residing in the hilly areas, the demand for building a road by cutting the ghat in the middle of the mountains was very important, which has been fulfilled by Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. It is being talked about the remote Vananchal village of the district Bhelki and Adhchara, which is the Vananchal village of Pandariya development block, where the Baiga tribal, a special backward tribe, resides. In the lockdown of the global pandemic Corona, the villagers of Bhelki and Adhachara got employment opportunities with the ghat cutting work and together the years old dream came true. In the financial year 2020-21, the work here was approved at a cost of Rs 18 lakh 17 thousand. In this work 140 families of two villages got huge employment opportunities. During the lockdown, where everything was closed and there was no means of work outside the village, then in this dire circumstances, the work of ghat cutting emerged as a support from the employment guarantee scheme for the villagers and together they got an easy road to reach their loved ones. As a better facility which will not have any pits nor will it be rocky.

The length of this ghat cutting and road construction work being built with Rs 18 lakh 17 thousand has been approved in Bhelki Gram Panchayat. In this work which started from the month of April, on an average 180 registered laborers are working every day, in which 5952 man-day employment has been created. Due to this work, the villagers have got wage payment of Rs 10 lakh 19 thousand which will give them financial support directly. This work, which lasted for 11 weeks, is now in a state of near completion, in which the women and men of the village are making a convenient way for themselves by cutting the mountains and cutting the ghat.

Regarding the ghat cutting work, Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Shri Vijay Dayaram K. Said that on the demand of the villagers of Bhelki, the work of cutting the ghat between Adhachara and Bhakur was approved under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme. Presently this work is in progress which will be completed very soon. He said that 140 families have got employment opportunity in doing this work and due to the cutting of the ghat, the Baiga tribals will get the facility of movement between the mountains, which will directly benefit the population of more than 400 nearby.
It is noteworthy that this work has been done at a time when the villagers got employment in the village during the lockdown and also the facility of transportation which will be hassle free and will also save the villagers from risk.