With the passing of eleven people in the same house in the Sant Nagar area of ​​the capital of the capital, many angles are coming up. The family’s collective suicide has put people in the country. At the same time there are many mysterious things and proofs in the investigation of the case. It seems that the family used to believe things like superstition, tantra-mantra, and he committed suicide with full preparation.

Meanwhile, the crime branch sources said that both the registers are looking for the handwriting of younger brother Lalit, whose furniture shop was there. In this case, another big news has been received by the police in this case, 20 roti was procured for eating from outside the dead night.

Revealed in postmortem report

Although the crime branch has not yet received any substantial proof of suicide. All 11 dead bodies have become postmortem. The postmortem report has revealed that some of the 11 people in the house were empty stomach that night. That is, some members can be fast on that day too. Because there were 11 people in the family and only 20 roti was floated out of the meal.

Indeed, Bhatia family was diving into the sea of ​​happiness just 15 days ago. But in just 15 days, what has happened is that the entire family of the entire family is over. As time passes and new disclosures are taking place, the list of questions is increasing. So, restlessness is increasing.

What is the secret of the death of one, not two together?

So far, the police investigation has not revealed any outsiders or 12th person. According to the forensic investigation and finger print expert, there is no evidence of any external being in the house, nor have any other fingerprints found besides the householder. Also, in the postmortem report, it has been reported that ten people were killed in the family by hanging from a trap.

The secret of 11 pipes behind the house?

If the investigation went ahead, 11 pipes were found behind the Bhatia family’s house, out of which four pipe was straight and seven were turned. It is interesting that the number of pipes is as much as the bodies have been recovered from that house.

Did the whole family suicidal in superstition?

Interestingly, the investigation team has got two registers from the house, in which there are some things written that raise many questions. One of the things written in the register corresponds to the incident.

It is written in the register that the palettes are well tied. Significantly, except for one of the bodies that were recovered from the house, the straps were tied on everyone’s eyes. It is written in the register that after seven days continuous worship is to be done. If someone comes into the house then the register says that the next day, on Thursday or Sunday, choose. Interestingly, the incident took place on Sunday night. It is written in the register that Babe (grandmother) can not stand if she can lie in a separate room. Bebe may have been told that elderly woman whose bodies were recovered in different rooms. It was written in the register that the use of dim light is to be used. It has been noted in the register that double the mouthpiece with the handkerchief. It has been written in the register that between 12 and 1 in the night is to be done.

Was the whole family in the wheel of any mechanism?

In the report submitted to the crime branch by the administration, it has been said that the family was extremely superstitious and was in the wheel of tantra-mantra. It has been said in the report that the family was doing a technique mantra based on any book.

Was the whole family in Baba’s affair?

When the matter came to die in superstition, the investigation team ran his horse. Now the police are looking for a Baba who is suspected of diverting the family. According to the sources, police got clues to Baba from the mobile phone recovered from the spot-cum-incident. It is going to revive the suspicion of doubt and achieve salvation in superstitions and give life. But close relatives of the family claim that neither is a case of superstitious nor self-harming. The murder or the life given in superstitions will only come out after the realization is completed.