SEOUL: Korean K-pop group BTS member V proved his one-top popularity in Japan.

BTS V has topped the ‘K-pop male idol ranking’ of Japan’s idol ranking site ‘NEHAN’ for 33 consecutive weeks with 20,889 votes.

During this week, V also topped the ‘Korean actors in their 20s ranking’ of Japanese site ‘BIHAN’ for 29 consecutive weeks.

Considering that he appeared in only one TV series ‘Hwarang,’ the expectations for actor ‘Kim Tae-Hyung in Japan are significant.

In addition, V also topped all Daily, Weekly, Monthly, All-time popular rankings of Japan’s ranking site ‘KPOP JUICE’, achieving the ‘perfect all-kill’.

Moreover, V has also been ranked first on the ‘Most Popular K-pop Idol in Japan’, ‘Most handsome Korean idol’, ‘Favorite BTS member’, and ‘Most handsome BTS member’ ranking on Japan’s popular ranking site ‘Ranking,’ which reflects real-time trends, proving his unrivalled popularity.

The celebrity also showed off his music power by recently listing his solo and self-produced songs from the second to sixth places on Japan’s Top 100 chart of the global streaming platform ‘Deezer’.

Other members of the iconic group are RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook.