Due to continuous snowfall on the mountains, Delhi is also getting cold. Temperatures in Delhi-NCR have been continuously falling due to cold cold wave. Due to severe cold, mercury has fallen to 1 to 2 degrees in many parts of the country on Tuesday. Due to such cold, people are escaping from their homes. With this, the cold wave continues across North India.

Cold wave persists in most of the states of North India including Delhi, Punjab, Haryana. Many states are freezing cold. Due to this, today most of the states of North India have recorded a minimum temperature of 1 to 2 degrees. At the same time, the temperature went below zero in most places of Himachal Pradesh along with Jammu and Kashmir. According to the Meteorological Department, the cold will increase further in the coming days.

It is freezing in Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. Life has been affected due to cold and fog. A local resident said, “The temperature has gone down due to which cold and melting are very high. I have stopped to bake my hands due to cold.