Corona virus has spread its wings rapidly in the country. Corona cases are increasing continuously in India till now. Until the vaccine comes, the mask is the biggest weapon for the general public, which can protect them from the infection of this dangerous virus. Face masks are mandatory in many states of the country, in this case many companies are launching masks. In this series, Breathe Easy Company has also launched a very special face mask ‘KARBON’. The company claims that the Karbon Face Mask is capable of neutralizing up to 95% of viruses.

The Breathe Easy Karbon Mask costs just Rs 799. At present, the company has launched it only in black color. This mask has been certified by Nelson Labs. Three layers are given in this mask. The outer layer is a fabric layer that blocks airborne content using biotechnology. The double-night layer further blocks particles present in the air. The third biofabric layer has anti-microbial properties capable of efficiently killing viruses and bacteria.

The company says that the layer inside the mask is very soft, so that it can be easily applied for a long time. The inner layer of the mask is self-sanitizing and made of high quality yarn cloth. Karbon Mask can be washed 50 times.