A question that is as old as time itself – “How safe is trading?” keeps popping in our minds each time we think of making extra income. Just when we were wrapping our minds around the concept of trading, the new age of Online Trading has come up producing more questions before they could be answered. And who could blame us? The stories of online malfunctions and fraud have made us reluctant towards investing in anything, especially Trades Online. 

But there’s good news after all! With businesses making the big move of shifting their business online, we can experience the benefits of learning various ways to get additional income each month through Online trading. We’re watching an aggressive growth in processes being converted online. And when it comes to Trading, experts and dedicated techies have managed to design remarkable Online Trading platforms. 

These platforms have been developed keeping safety as its main concern. Even before establishing an online trading app or website, these experts think of the protection of the platform and the assets of the traders.

Binomo has aced in the field of Online Trading by creating a safe and secure Platform for both Novice and expert traders. This is a platform developed for enthusiastic traders who want to spend their free time making smart trade forecasts. But what are the safety measures taken by Binomo? Well, the answer to that is simply – Experience! With eons of trials and errors, we have with us a platform that not only allows us to trade safely but protects our data as well. 

The signing up process itself tells us how important it is for Binomo to let legitimate people enter the platform for trading. So before signing up, remember, a lengthy registration process isn’t designed to piss you off but to simply assure that the right people register on Binomo. 

The regular users of Binomo gush about the protocols used to assure protection against online breaching. Even if we don’t want to pay heed to the reviews, the fact that the platform has won the prestigious IAIR & FE Awards tells us the reputation they have built. Additionally, the financial commission has awarded and placed Binomo in category ‘A’. 

Binomo is a platform that understands the value of gaining the trust of their potential traders and in order to achieve that, they offer free trading practice ground until we’re ready to start investing in live trades. This platform has an extensive base of knowledge available, so we aren’t clueless about the concept. 

What’s more? We get the support of customer care executives that are available to help us if we have any queries. With this assistance, it can be helpful for the traders who have just started Online Trading.The registration process is straightforward and contains 5 steps: 

Step 1) Choose any of the 12 languages from the drop-down list on the top right corner of the website 

Step 2) Use your Facebook/ Google account to register. It’s strongly advisable to use a strong password while using Gmail to sign-up.

Step 3) Select a currency your account will be set up in: INR or USD or EUR. Please note, the currency you choose cannot be changed in the future. 

Step 4) Make sure to carefully read and agree to the terms, conditions and privacy policy. 

Step 5) Complete the registration process by verifying your email address  

We need to understand that Binomo isn’t a game but a trading platform. It’s important to note that just registering for Online Trading isn’t enough. It’s necessary to attain the knowledge of the market by analyzing the statistics and keeping a watchful eye on the trends. 

Funds will instantly get credited in our accounts after successful forecasting. However, there’s also a side to this where you may lose your investments in the event where we make wrong predictions. Thus, Binomo encourages us to thoroughly learn and understand the subject and not rely on 3rd party suggestions as experiences may differ from individual to individual. Remember, only by gaining sufficient information about the field, we can make successful forecasts.

Binomo caters to millions of traders across the globe by offering a safe platform for budding traders. Don’t let the convenience fool you into thinking that it’s just another platform with no measures taken for security. With a dedicated team constantly monitoring the movements in the platform and being prepared for any circumstances, it’s best to try it yourself now! So, what’s stopping you? Sign-up for Binomo now!

Disclaimer: This content is distributed by Binomo. No TNIE Group journalist is involved in the creation of this content.