The goal of writing a book, which was not being achieved in normal days, was achieved as soon as it got time in lockdown.

Retired IAS BKS Ray has also written three books in four months since the fallout. These include a real life story written on a young man and two poetry collections. He told, for a long time, I wanted to write real life starry, but could not find time. The lockdown was timed. The 180-page book titled ‘The Humanist’ tells the story of Kishore, a young man from Bilaspur who is doing research work at JNU. He wants to go to America to join the movement of blacks, but in Odisha, he gets there to help people when a storm strikes. Delhi Publication House is publishing this book. Apart from this, two poems have been written ‘The Voice of Solidarity’ and ‘Unstoppable Feeling’, which consists of 80-80 poems.

‘Veera’, a collection of 98 poems written on women’s empowerment

Poetist Pooja Aggarwal has written the collection of poems ‘Veera’. Most of the compositions in this collection of 98 poems are based on women empowerment. The poems highlight the strong sides of women. In some poems, he has pored over nature, love, environment and current issues in words. Pooja has written this 100-page book in the lockdown period. He said, solitude and concentration over time is necessary to write a book. Due to being busy, I was not able to get time to write the book in normal days, but there was only time in lockdown. The book launched on Amazon Kindle on 28 July. Prior to this, two poems collection of Pooja ‘Man Ka Prakashpanj’ and ‘Tryon Ki Udyan’ have also been published.

Thread of literature, culture and power threaded in 200 pages

Sahitya Akademi member and retired IAS Sushil Trivedi has written a book titled ‘Culture of Power’ based on his experiences in lockdown. 78-year-old Sushil said, he could not go anywhere outside the house in lockdown. In such a situation, instead of sitting empty, started writing the book for the purpose of making meaningful use of this time. The 200-page book has written 25 articles on literature, culture and power relations. The relationship between the artist and the power is written in the book. While reading this book every artist will feel connected to it. For the original work, he has written all the experiences that he felt during administrative services. Will soon be able to read it online as well.

Keep these things in mind if you want to publish a book

  • You can get the book published both online and offline. Select the publisher based on the theme of the book.
  • The publisher can publish the book in two ways after it is decided. Expert Archit Ojha said that in the traditional publishing mode, the publisher will give you a lump sum or a fixed royalty on every sale under the contract. At the same time, in self-publishing mode, the publisher will incur the cost of publishing the book. You will be responsible for the book sales and marketing.
  • If you want to publish the book online, then register on Amazon Kindle. There will be an option to publish the book. Read the complete guidelines and upload the softcopy of the book. For royalty you have to sign an online contract. The book is launched online with no objectionable content.
  • For information on online book publishing rules and royalties, visit