State Congress on Monday alleged that the BJP which had in the past acted as a guaranteer for chit fund companies was now trying to shield them as Bhupesh Baghel-led Congress government was acting tough on them. 

PCC Spokesperson Dhananjay Singh Thakur in a statement alleged that BJP was putting spanner on the stern actions been taken against chit fund companies. “Actually, during the BJP rule the party leaders acted as a guaranteer of the fraudster companies, he accused.

The chit fund companies, which were inaugurated by senior BJP leaders, duped innocent state populace and fled with their hard-earned crores of rupees, he further charged.

“It was the former Raman Singh government during whose regime the chit fund companies mushroomed and walked away after committing scams”, he said

Thakur further questioned why BJP national president Amit Shah and state BJP President Vikram Usendi not taking actions on accused BJP leaders.