Amid bird flu cases, 5 peacocks found dead in Madhya Pradesh's Jhabua

JAIPUR: Amid the spread of Avian flu in various states of the country, Rajasthan Animal Husbandry Department reported the deaths of 90 birds in the state on Tuesday.

The department said that out of the 90 dead birds; 56 were crows, 12 were peacocks, 14 were pigeons, and the rest were other birds.

In total, the state has recorded the death of 6,849 birds between December 25, 2020, to January 26, 2021.

“Among the dead birds were 4,799 crows, 409 peacocks, 583 pigeons and 1,058 others. Avian Influenza (Bird flu) has been confirmed in 17 districts,” the department said in its press release.

A total of 67 birds have tested positive for the bird flu in the state.

The spread of avian flu, earlier, led the neighbouring states to cut off the poultry exchange so as to contain it. This also led to losses in the poultry business in the affected states.