Bihar Police Bill: Amid Opposition protests, officials ally fears on new law

By Express News Service
PATNA: After reports of some cops being engrossed over phone with social media while on duty, the Bihar police headquarters on Tuesday passed an order that no police personnel on duty can use mobiles to be engaged with social media with immediate effect in Bihar.

The use of mobiles and other electronic devices on duty by the police personnel not only blurs the image of police but also diminishes efficiency among the cops.

The letter, carrying order to all the SSPs,the SPs and other seniors officers, clearly stated that the police officers are assigned with the task of ensuring safety to VIP, on duty to maintain law and order, the traffic management and other important points.

On such duties, the police officers have to remain high alert but when they engage themselves with mobiles and social media platforms, their attention is diverted from duty.

“Some instances of such incidents have been reported where cops were found unnecessarily busy with their mobiles on duty,” the letter of order stated.

The police headquarters has directed not to use the mobiles, other electronic devices and be on social media on duty except in some exceptional or special cases.

Jitendra Kumar, ADGP, HQ, confirmed the issuance of such order to stop the use of mobiles and other electronic devices.