This is a relief news for central employees. The government has released the table of the Group Insurance Scheme for Employees (CGEGIS). The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial security to the kin of the employee in case of death during the service period. This benefit table is for all the employees who are covered under this central government employee group insurance scheme. The employee has to contribute to it. Employees will benefit from the release of new tables. Central employees will get a lot of protection from this scheme in the midst of the Corona crisis. This table contains all the information about the amount of money received by the employee at the time of retirement. The CGEGIS 1980 plan covers insurance and also serves as a kind of savings fund for every employee. Every three months the government issues the table of CGEGIS. Of the amount deposited in this savings fund when the employee retires Through this table, the employees who have come close to retirement know very well how much money they are going to get after retirement. Subsequently, the new table of CGEGIS for Savings Fund for Employees under CGEGIS 1980 for the quarter of July to September has been released as per the compound interest rates of 7.1% compounded quarter. The last time the government extended the validity of CGEGIS cards was in April 2020.