Bhupesh Baghel, during his stay in Bastar division, reached village Kongera of the large Rajpur development block of Kondagaon district, where the villagers gave him an unprecedented welcome. During this time, he observed activities conducted by various self-help groups, including Adarsh ​​Gauthan Kongera. The Chief Minister inspected various products and activities prepared by the groups including goat farming, poultry farming, Dona-Pattal manufacturing center, pulses processing-packaging unit, Godhan Milk Production Center in Gauthan campus. Public Health Engineering Minister and District In-charge Minister Guru Rudra Kumar, State Excise and Commerce Minister Kavasi Lakhma, Kondagaon MLA Mohan Markam, Keshkal MLA Santram Netam and Advisor to Chief Minister Rajesh Tiwari were present on the occasion.

Chief Minister Baghel was welcomed by the women of Bihan group in the Adarsh ​​Gowthan campus by performing floral wreaths and folk dancers with the traditional tribal dance of Bastar. He then visited various stalls set up in the Gothan complex. When asked about the activities of the group by the Chief Minister, Anita Sahu, president of Amrita Self Help Group Vishrampuri, said that there are 12 members in their group who sell chilli, spices, turmeric, coriander powder by preparing and packaging it. This has given his group a net income of 50 thousand rupees within a year. The Chief Minister congratulated him for the better work.

The Chief Minister then visited the Mushroom Production Unit, in which Janato Mandavi of Pragati Self Help Group and Premlata Netam of Sheetla Self Help Group informed about the production of astroed mushrooms and their income. After this, the Chief Minister inspected the goat husbandry shed, poultry shed, Godhan milk production center, pulses processing-packaging room and inquired about their activities.