Cricket is a gentleman’s game, they say. However, at time, players let out emotions and swear at teammates and oppositions that doesn’t make the sport for family viewing.

India captain Virat Kohli is known for wearing his heart on his sleeves and, at times, he has crossed line. Kohli has been caught in the past swearing on the stump mics and on television cameras.

As it turned out, cricket fans in India mentioned and trolled Ben Stokes when Virat Kohli used a particular cuss word that rhymes with the England cricketer’s name.

On Saturday, Rohit Sharma was at it as he was apparently caught on the stump mic swearing at Cheteshwar Pujara. Rohit was frustrated when Pujara declined a single that the newly-promoted India opener felt was there for the taking.

Ben Stokes took to Twitter and came up with a cheeky post: “This time it’s Rohit not Virat….if you know you know,” the World Cup-winning England all-rounder wrote.