According to ICMR, its effect is being seen most among the elderly. Scientists are now engaged in T cells, B cells, white blood cell and dendritic cell immunity tests to detect the effect of BCG vaccination.

Significantly, the most impact of corona has been seen in the elderly above 60 years. Examination of corona has revealed that elderly people who have a serious disease like comorbidities have a higher risk of death from corona. The BCG vaccine is proving to be very effective in treating such elderly people. It may be noted that the BCG vaccine is administered to newborns under the universal immunization program of the central government.

Indian Council of Medical Research informed that during research, it has been found that the BCG vaccine changes the memory cells of the elderly and produces antibodies in the body. So far this vaccine has been used on 54 people. It is said that vaccine was given to 54 people out of 86 people while 32 people were not given it.

Investigations have shown that antibodies have been rapidly formed in those who were given BCG vaccine and such elderly people are feeling healthy. However, the investigation of BCG vaccine is still going on. Earlier research has shown that BCG vaccination in Indonesia, Japan and Europe has protected the elderly from respiratory diseases.