Financial assistance amounting to Rs. 03 lakh 75 thousand has been sanctioned by Bastar MP Shri Deepak Badge under the head of voluntary grant. Among the Gram Panchayats receiving financial assistance, Rs. 5-5 thousand each for purchase of utensil sets to Village Marigudapara, Village Taragaon, Village Neganar Irikpal of Block Block Lohandiguda, Rs. 50 thousand to Village Gadhia Panariaguda, Village Bad Dharaur and Badarenga Village Panchayat 30 -30 thousand rupees have been approved. 10 thousand to village Dimrapal from Block Tokapal, 15 thousand to village Badameranga, 5 thousand to Dumargodara of village Pakhanarcha, 20 thousand to village Kanji, 45 thousand to village Kurenga, 30 thousand to village Palwa and 15 thousand to village Salepal and development block Under Darbha, acceptance of Rs 10 thousand each has been given to Churas of village Pakhanar, village Gumdapal and village Chintapur.
Under the financial assistance sanctioned by MP Mr. Badge, financial assistance amounting to 10 thousand to Dhawal Jain of Gurdwara Road Indira Ward-16 of Jagdalpur block, financial assistance amounting to 05 thousand to Mrs. Bode Bai of village Biringpal and 05 thousand to Budru of village Pandaripani. Subsidy amount of Rs. 10 thousand rupees to Bantu Yadav of Vikas Block Bastar village, Rupees 10 thousand to Bhubaneswar Baghel of village Alnar Khalepara, Rs 20 thousand to Sunita Mandavi of village Baghmohlai, 10 thousand rupees for cricket material to village Mundagaon and village Satosa 10 thousand rupees have been sanctioned to the Youth Committee of the Economic Fund.