A big case of misuse of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) to be made for advancing the farming sector has come up. A Grameen Bank bought private company insurance for farmers with the money of Kisan Credit Card. It was revealed in CM Flying’s investigation, but the case was suppressed. Now Mukesh Joshi, Chief Coordinator of Sarva Haryana Gramin Bank Officers Organization, has written a letter to the CBI for investigation along with the documents. Joshi says that Kisan Credit Card money can only be used for farming.

It is alleged that the bank management, in connivance with the private insurance company, cut the money without telling the farmers. In return, the private company made the bank officials visit Thailand. Let us know that only agriculture related work can be done with the help of Kisan Credit Card money.

The crop insurance premium can be deducted from its money, but there is no provision to deduct the premium of life insurance. But bank officials bought the insurance of the private company in collusion. These credit cards are created with the objective of protecting the farmers from the moneylenders and to meet their immediate economic needs related to agriculture.