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In the meeting, Channulal told that he has sown paddy in 6 acres. But due to family dispute, the schemes of the government did not get the benefit. The Chief Minister asked to settle the matter according to the rules. Farmer Meghnath Yadav told that he has 10 acres of land. Vegetables are planted in Bharri. Had taken a loan of Rs 4 lakh 38 thousand, in which Rs 3 lakh was forgiven. Bought a tractor after the loan was waived. The farmer said that the tractor is the symbol of Bhupesh Kaka. Took jewelry for daughter-in-law. Requested to upgrade middle school to high school. Meeting: Balodabazar district, village Purena Khapriramesh Mishra told that there is farming in 35 acres. 4 lakh loan has been waived. Thank you very much for that. At present, I am getting the installments of Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana. I have got two tube wells installed in my farm. Thank you very much for your plans. There has been a huge increase in production. Just bought 103 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. Now till January 31, it is estimated that 110 lakh metric tonnes will be bought. Meeting-meeting, Puraina-Khapri Chief Minister said – Ration cards have been made for everyone to get ration. Vyjayanti told that there are 4 members in the house. 35 kg rice is available for free. Salt and sugar are also available. Due to ill health, it took 80-90 thousand rupees for the treatment. Requested for financial assistance. Chief Minister announced to give Rs. 1 lakh. Meeting: Balodabazar district, Puraina village Khapri Mrs. Keshari Dhruv told that there are 3 members in the family. Getting 35 kg rice. Earlier joint ration card was with mother-in-law. Now, due to the separation of the ration card, sufficient rice is available. The money that is saved for buying rice is used for household expenses. Thanks to your kindness, we are getting ration, you are the food giver for us. The Chief Minister said that I am not the food giver, but all the farmers sitting in front of me are food givers.Meeting: Balodabazar district, village Purena Khaprirajendra Verma told that he Chief Minister Kaushal Vikas Yojana Dairy has opened since. Also took benefit from Godhan Nyaya Yojana. Complained about not buying cow dung from the beneficiaries of the village dependent on Godhan Nyay Yojana. The Chief Minister immediately ordered the officials to buy cow dung. Kishan Lahare told that he has been making rounds since 3 months that the ration card is not being made. The Chief Minister said that the card will be made after verification. Gave.Meet-Meet: Anmol Pandey, 11th class student of Khapriswamy Atmanand English Medium School, Balodabazar district, village Puraina interacted with the Chief Minister. The student expressed her gratitude for the excellent school. She gave detailed information about her school and Thank you on behalf of all the children. Along with requesting for autograph, the Chief Minister said that it feels very good that our children are speaking English so fluently. Bring fame in the country and abroad. Meeting-meeting: Balodabazar district, village Puraina Khaprichmeli Nishad, manufactures vermicompost, has so far made 623 quintals, sold 2 lakh 40 thousand. He told that this year I got 10 thousand, last year I got 15 thousand. A member of Nav Shakti Self Help Group told that he has taken 60 thousand loan. Planting vegetables and vermicompost, farming thanks to the scheme Meeting: Balodabazar district, village Puraina Khaprihat market clinic schemeDularvi Verma told that the vehicle comes on Fridays, the whole colony is treated, everyone is checked for BP, sugar, cold fever, Free medicine is available. There are 2 people in the family, the daughter is disabled, there is a lot of difficulty in coming and going, because of your plan, we are getting a lot of comfort. Thank you very much for this Continue Reading